LEADconcept excels in a wide range of wireless technologies such as J2ME, WAP, Messaging and m-Commerce solutions and mobile entertainment.Our team is skilled in many popular mobile OS and different types of screens.

Our mobile application development services include development for Internet-based information services of wireless devices such as Java based mobile phones and Internet enabled PDAs. The backbone of these applications is the .Net & PHP based framework. LEADconcept has developed core competency in addressing the wireless Applications market using different technologies.

LEADconcept provides wireless solutions for a variety of applications. Following are the niche areas we have expertise in:

Mobile enabling your business

LEADconcept helps enable your businesses to mobile and its core services. Using this service you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere. Deals like travelling facilities, lodging and airlines information are most sought by people on the move.

Messaging solutions Reach the world

LEADconcept company provides integration of SMS (Short Message Service) with your business. Using this service you can send SMS to your customers for promotion of new services that keeps rolling out. Also since SMS is the most reliable way of communication as of now, you rest assured that you have communicated what you wanted.

e-COMMERCE solutions

LEADconcept has taken an early initiative on this front too. We provide e-commerce solutions by providing secure transactions over mobile devices by clubbing the transactional services provided by other industry majors by implementing micro payment solutions. For you, of course, there will be a single interface for interaction. LEADconcept helps to reduce your hassles.

Mobile Entertainment Games

LEADconcept provides you with online games, online lottery systems coupled with secure payment channel integration from industry majors. These games are developed in a completely online mode and also as a J2ME based application, which runs on a Java-enabled device

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