• Our Process
  • Establish Contact
  • Gather Requirements
  • Envision Project Direction
  • Design & Development
  • Testing & Close Project
  • Support & Maintenance

In our experience, we at LEADconcept follow our standard process of work; we believe that every client is unique, so every project is original. We don't simply fit our client into a template; you can buy "off the rack".Even though each of our clients has unique needs, goals, and timelines, so we deal with them according to their requirements.

There are numerous steps in the web site design and development process. From gathering initial requirements, creation of your Web Application, and finally maintenance to keep your Web Application up to date and current.


You can contact us thru' phone 24/7 at

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If you are having trouble contacting any of our representatives from LEADconcept, you may drop us email at: info@leadconcept.com or info@leadconcept.net and our representative will get back to you very quickly.

Request a Quote

You can also contact us thru' our website Request a Quote page, where you can drop your message & attach reference files.

100% Satisfaction

Your contentment is our priority; we're committed to delivering solutions that exceed your expectations.

Clarity of project scope is our main concern in this phase it starts when we receive an email enquiry from you. We examine the request, probe you for more details if required and discover project vision

    Process & Procedures:

  • You can provide us your rough draft of requirements.

  • You can come online and discuss your project requirements thru' Skype, MSN, Yahoo or any Chat Software or thru' phone.

  • If you are not technical person and don't know how to write the requirements, our Technical Department will take care of this and we will guide you on every stage.

  • If you have some ideas/thoughts about your project, you can share with us and we can help you finalizing your project requirements.

  • Our Technical Writer can also write a complete SRS for you based on your discussions or rough draft material.


  • Initial ballpark estimate in terms of time & cost.

  • First level breakdown structure & Timeline

  • Payment schedule

  • Draft the Proposal & Contract Agreement.


  • Competitive pricing

  • Transparent with no hidden fees

  • Affordable plans for businesses

  • Long-term commitments

When a planner speaks of implementing Goals rationally Our Envision Project Direction is grounded in SMART principles: Specific, ensuring that our goals are well-defined and precise. Measurable, so we can track our progress and measure success. Achievable, setting realistic targets that can be reached with our resources. Realistic, aligning with our capabilities and current circumstances. Time-bound, with clear deadlines to keep us focused and accountable.

This phase calls for project inception where we view project in totality and devise a plan of action accordingly. This phase clears any doubts or requirements overlooked in the first phase. It includes constant and regular contact with you to dig out project's business logic. We sell our ideas, our plans , our enthusiasms to those to whom we come in contact for evolving iterative approach to web development with appropriate methodology as per the requirement of the clients. We often use the evolving iterative approach to web development or select a development methodology as per the requirement of the clients.

    This phase calls for 3 steps as follow:

  • Determine development approach

  • Identify Modules

  • Set Milestones

Our experienced analysts & project managers plan seriously for your needs and design In this phase our production engine hauls the project to completion. The personnel place themselves in the middle of the stream of innovation, vision and wisdom which flows into the artifact. This impelled the clients' to truth and a perfect contentment.

During this phase project is regularly verified from client by uploading on the demo server according to the set milestones. So you just need to stay in touch with responsive web design and development company.

Customized Design

Tailored design solutions to meet your unique brand and business requirements.

User-Centered Approach

Implementing user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles to create engaging and intuitive interfaces.

Responsive Development

Ensuring your website or application functions seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes.

QA personnel get into high gear with the project right after the completion of first module. Project is uploaded on our demo server after testing and subsequent bug fixing for final usability testing by client. Testing strategies employed by our QA staff are discussed in detail in our Testing Services section. End user testing finalization by client kicks off the project closure phase

Project is uploaded on our demo server after testing and subsequent bug fixing for final usability testing by client. Testing strategies employed by our QA staff are discussed in detail in our Testing Services section. End user testing finalization by client kicks off the project closure phase

    It consists of the following steps:

  • Close Project Accounts and finalize all billing

  • Deploy project at client end

  • Obtain sign-off on the delivered project

  • Perform a post project review with the team, customer, vendors and management

The scope and availability of these services is tailored to the customers' individual requirements and service level expectations. We aim to establish long term relationships with our customers so that we build up a better understanding of the customer's business, helping us deliver a more focused and effective service.

Our pro-active support services aim to drive down the cost of support through identifying and rectifying underlying through trend analysis and understanding and improving the business processes and service delivery.

LEADconcept is able to provide cover during office hours through to full 24 x 7 support, with response times tailored to need. We offer flexibility to allow each customer to tailor key elements of the support to suit their particular needs, whilst remaining cost effective.

You can have the support / maintenance terms agreed in original contract or can have ESA (Extended Service Agreement) signed after project closure.

Please contact us and find out more about LEADconcept and how we can help you in your e-business!