Client Server Application and n-tier architecture have always played a key role in operation of any kind of business. The main backbone of today's business is the ability to Input, Process, Store, and Access data from anywhere, at anytime and from any device. We specialize in development of high-end client-server applications and robust enterprise applications. Making the software applications more and more user-friendly is one of our main objectives.

Traditional applications architectures have been based on function. Today, to meet the needs of the business, application architecture must reflect the complete range of business requirements.

Therefore, client/server computing demands a three-layer view of the organization.

  • The user interface layer, which implements the functional model

  • The business function layer, which implements the process model

  • The data layer, which implements the information model.

It should be noted that this application architecture does not demand multiple hardware platforms, although such technology can be utilized, if the environment is robust and reliable enough and the business is prepared to pay the additional costs associated with workstation and LAN technology.

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