Quality Assurance and testing requires a diligent and organized approach to ensure coverage and verify system functionality. LEADconcept deploys its significant QA experience to verify compliance for turnkey solutions as well as purpose built applications.

We also perform QA functions to assist clients in ensuring conformance for their internally developed applications.

We ensure process control and provide client visibility by offering an assortment of documents including Requirements Traceability Matrix, Test Plan, Test Cases, and Bug Reports.

    Quality Assurance and System Testing process at LEADconcept consist of the following methodologies:

  • Business requirements verification

  • Black box functional testing

  • GUI and Coding Standards Compliance

  • White box testing

  • Stress and Performance testing to evaluate scalability

  • Multi-OS and browser compatibility

Importance of Testing

Software testing is a critical component of the Software Development life cycle. The importance of software testing and its impact on software cannot be underestimated. Software remains in a perpetual state of change which is why software testing, whether manual or automated, is so vital for the software's success. The ultimate concern of all those involved in the development of the software is to create a high quality product.

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