What Clients Say About Our Company

The factor that sets apart LEADconcept from other leading IT solution houses is, it’s never changing commitment to quality. Compromise on quality not part of the game at LEADconcept and apart from meeting the client's requirement, we check the product/project for software engineering standards.

Jessica Hoff

ID Solutions, a Division of Arch Crown, Inc., NJ, USA

I recently worked with LEADconcept, and I’m happy to share my experience with this company. From the outset, their commitment to timely communication and exceptional service left a lasting impression. LEADconcept excels in responsiveness. From the moment I reached out to discuss a problem I was having with a program, Yasir was quick to respond, and was able to resolve my issue shockingly fast. Not too long after that, Yasir and his team began working on updating my very old website. Throughout the entire process, they kept me informed about project milestones and timelines, ensuring that I remained informed every step of the way. Furthermore, the team at LEADconcept exhibited a high level of expertise in their work. They translated my ideas into a user-friendly website that exceeded my expectations. I was so happy with their work; I hired them again to fix another (even older!) website. Overall, my experience with LEADconcept was wonderful. Their dedication to timely communication, coupled with their expertise and professionalism, makes them a standout choice for anyone in need of website design services. I wholeheartedly recommend LEADconcept to anyone seeking to elevate their online presence.

Ben A Saidi

HiddenMeadowsImport, Washington, United States

Outstanding customer support, and knowledgeable technical team who does what it takes to get the job done!

Mike Carlson

Luxxle App, Bellevue, United States

Of all the teams I've worked with on Freelancer, Yasir and his LEADconcept team have been the best to work with. Outstanding professionalism, communication, technical expertise, problem-solving, and flexibility. Highly recommended! Will work with them again!

Mark Knieberg

Albest Metal Stamping Corp, USA

Yasir worked with me at my pace, which was very slow and he was very patient allowing me to research and make changes along the way. He had no complaints at how long it took me to get back to him, as my work schedule did not allow me to work full time on this project. He was helpful and accommodating.

Omar AlQabandi

Bil Bio, Kuwait

Yasir and the team managed to complete the project and I'm extremely impressed! They finished within budget and on time while still providing top-notch quality work. Communication was great and they truly exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!

Andre Niemeyer

I9MEDIA LLC, San Diego, California, USA

YK and his team were absolutely exceptional. The client was supposed to have a team of software developers on their end supporting the project, but they were not available. Nonetheless, YK’s team came through and supported the project far beyond scope, filling gaps and delivering the product, despite of all the challenges. I would absolutely higher this team again, and recommend them for anyone looking for systems integration and app development.

Tom Williams

Happybirthdaytoyou.com, United Kingdom

Excellent work again from Yasir and his team at LEADconcept.

Christopher Byrd

Zilla Amusement, Rockwell, United States

Great Job guys!!! Really looking forward to the rest of the things in store, to a great relationship in the

Omid Movahed

General Manager, eZyPill, Burnaby, Canada

Yasir and his team were super professional. They delivered exactly what we were looking for they were always open to make changes to the designs to make sure we are happy with the final results.

Vladislav Badalyan

Vats Management Inc., Brooklyn, USA

Mr Yasir and his team did an amazing job .They are developing mobile application for me, and trust me it is very difficult one. As far as respond timing which is very important in project development business they are the best. Anytime I would ask the questions , Mr Yasir would respond right away. Great on pricing! They always update you with progress of you project and ask you to leave a feedback. They would change the design for me numerous times without any hesitation and extra cost.

Charles Johnson

BidLock, LLC, Ohio, USA

Phenomenal team! I have never worked with a more patient and professional team like Yasir and his staff. They are truly the best in the business!

Jeff Baskin

Aerocast LLC, Little Rock, United States

Tough project and they were up for the task. Very good communication through
the process.

Raymond Chishamba

Pinpot, France

LEADconcept is very professional company in conduct and quality of work. I am happy to recommend Yasir and his team of experts to anyone who wants to get things done professionally. It was a pleasure working with them.

Nathan French

Director of I.T./ Marketing, Treaterpro.com, USA

Yasir and his team have delivered incredible results. I cannot recommend him high enough! Communication was excellent and always prompt. Working with Yasir is an absolute pleasure. I would recommend his services to anyone. 10/10

Christian Marin Diaz

Elite Soccer PK, CA, US

In this app is hard to find someone to deliver quality work, but Yasir and his team are amazing. Not only the communication was on time all the time but their English is perfect. The website they built for me was as expected ans will hire them again for some additions to it.
Highly recommend ?

David Green

Doug Allen Institute, USA

Totally satisfied. The team worked with me directly and was completely responsive to all edits and

Jamaal D.

Houston, United States

Took on a challenging project and delivered ahead of schedule. Team is very hardworking and responsive. Would work with the team again. There were some speedbumps but ultimately resolved

Sascha Kuehn

Houston, United States

It was a pleasure to work with these guys. They know what they are talking about!

Mikkel Eriksen

AS System, Nakkedamsvej, Denmark

An absolute bast of a professional service. Yasir and his team was beyond excellent. Provided a product exactly to my linking, were incredibly fast to respond and fix the issues I had underway. Will most definitely hire them again in the future!

Lawrence Andre Muller

Winpulse Network, Brazil

Exceptional! Professional and dedicated team that offers good solutions to the challenges presented!

Bardia Maghami

Rod Capital Management, Las Vegas, USA

Yasir and his team were able to take all of my ideas for our company website and bring them to life better than I had imagined. They had great and consistent communication throughout the entire process and produced truly quality work. They are incredibly friendly and helpful and they really made this a great experience. I definitely plan to use them in the future for additional projects and highly recommend them.

Jeffrey D. Livingston

Livingston Reality, LLC, Louisville, USA

Imran and Yasir were very responsive and dedicated to pushing me to get the project done. I am glad I chose Yasir and his team

Kylie Elms

Browco, Australia

Yasir and his team have been fantastic from the beginning. Highly professional. Amazing communication. And very quick to understand the real business problem at hand. Which allowed him to help us get the best outcome. We are so impressed we are continuing our working relationship as we can't wait to see what more amazing results they will bring us.

Faris Aljehani


Yasir and his team were able to help me meet my project needs and complete the design part of it. I will be assigning the implementation part to Yasir to complete the project.


Nyquist Data Inc. USA

This is my first time using upwork and I am impressed by Yasir and his team. They did a really great job. They even fixed problems in our design documentation. They met all the deadlines and fulfilled all of our feedback. We have some minor issues in communication at the begging, but we overcame them and found good solutions.

Dr. Christoph Moschik

MR-Corrections, Germany

LEADconcept delivered the project as expected. They are hard working and reliable. Looking forward to continue to work with them.

John Gadd

Irving, USA

Yasir and his team are extremely professional, and handled my project brilliantly. Extremely fast, great communicators, and excellent work. He fine tuned my project to my exact specifications. Fantastic to work with, would highly recommend, and look forward to working with Yasir on future projects!

Adam Simpson

Stoneprism Software, Green Bay, US

Outstanding group to work with. Excellent communication. Receptive to ideas and getting it done right. Available nearly 24 x 7 it seemed as needed.

Johnny Canales

Amazon Automation, Taxes, US.

Would like to give a big thank you to Yasir and his team LEADconcept from across the world for all the great help that they have provided in helping me complete a web app from start to finish. I highly recommend their services and will continue doing business with them. They are very well organized and professional, and the communication is perfect. Project was completed in a timely manner and within budget. Thank You!!!

Walter Chase

Walter Chase Music, Brooklyn, US

First time using Freelancer to build a website. Yasir, working across the world from me, was incredibly accessible for help with questions throughout the project. I plan to use his team again for any website project I might have.

Will Nelson

The Sporting Week, London, UK

LEADconcept professionally dealt with a complex product build. From assisting with the initial design, to undertaking the build and troubleshooting they worked efficently & met the agreed timescales.

Ruben Deckwerth

PicMo GmbH, Switzerland

High availability and very good communication.

Harp Kaur

Patient Scheduling Service Inc. New York, USA

Yasir and his team are truly great. I only have positive things to say. My experience working with him and his team was professional and transparent. The work was completed on time, and his team paid attention to every small detail required. Even when we wanted to make a few changes that were not discussed, Yasir and his team were extremely flexible and professional, and it was done immediately. We have more projects and we will be hiring Yasir again, certainly. On time, Great Communication, Professional, Flexible and most important of all meets deadlines.

Dan Roy

HillJoy, LLC, MasterMinds, USA

LEADconcept delivered (design and development) on a very complex and ambitious project (Marketplace platform with a twist). Very professional and responsive. I had regular updates, and they were flexible around my schedule for weekly meetings. I would definitely hire again.

Adriel Delgado

Aircnr, Nevada, USA

I assigned a big amount project to YK and his team at LEADconcept. It was a huge interactive e-commerce website project that involved many integrations, Google Map, over 7 verifications, social media login, user profiles, payment integrations, travel credit system and much more. Basically, this project took over a year to develop and the website has over 20,000 lines of codes. Coding is VERY difficult and requires a lot of attention, professionalism and skills. LEADconcept has everything and more. They excel in communication, they are VERY hard working and very talented. They are very knowledgeable and can do everything. I was extremely satisfied with them so I paid a big bonus to the development team. I will continue to work with them to develop the Mobile Apps and much more. I vouch for their work and highly recommend LEADconcept for any task. Thank you very much!

Kevin Plummer

TPH Global, Australia

He and his team did a great job and very skilled in creating this full stack app in an aws serverless environment. Planning on using them again in my next project.

Joey Serio

Property Rentals, LLC, USA

Yasir and his team are amazing to work with. Professional quality, great communication skills, very helpful and eager to please. I've been in this business for a long time and LEADconcept is among the best I've worked with. If you are trying to decide on who to use for your project and you believe Yasir and his team at LEADconcept has the skills you need, then you should go ahead and award them the job now. You won't be sorry. They created a website using our API and a heavy amount of Javascript and I couldn't be happier with the result. As a testament to how happy I am, I'm allowing them to leave their logo at the footer of my site and will happily talk to any of their prospective customers.

Alex Rosata

Rentros, Neweton, USA

YK and his design crew worked with my daily schedule. They would always reply almost immediately after every contact inquiry. For customizations, YK and his team clearly reviewed my teams' revisions and corrected them in a timely manner. I would definitely work with YK and his team again.

Bill (Guanghai) Wu

Totallane Technology Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

I am very happy with Yasir Khurshid and his team, a team that is dedicated, responsible and friendly. Nothing is difficult for them. My project is not an easy one and my standard demanded of them always high, nevertheless, they complied with everything I demanded. The team's communication with me is very good. Weekly update and sometimes a few times a week. Yasir Khurshid is very impressive in term of his way of handling customer relationship and staff management. I found under his staff are very effective under his leadership. And their technical skill is amazing. I was a bit worried at the start of the project if they can do it as I said earlier it was a difficult project. They proved me they are more than just capable. Overall it a very dedicated and professional team. Definitely will keep working with them.

Alexander Tselnik

Freelance Portal, Germany

Thank you very much to Yasir and his whole team! It is a pleasure working with them. I really recommend them to anyone who is searching a competent and trustworthy
company to work with.

Andreas Varnava

IT-Finder, UK

LEADconcept delivered the project with great professionalism and on schedule! Im looking forward to hire them more the coming year! I would gladly recommend LEADconcept to business

Joshua DuBois

GetGauge.com, USA

I very highly recommend YK and his team - one of the best team's we've worked with. A very complex application was completed to our standards and all features work correctly. In addition, YK and his team (Babar and others) communicated very effectively and implemented changes as needed. While they are back-end developers they also were able to implement front-end design changes as needed. We will definitely be working with them in the future (and will actually be continuing our work with them now). Hire YK!

Gary McKay


The team at LEADconcept are outstanding. Constantly over delivering. Their communication skills are excellent and an absolute pleasure to deal with A++

Ricardo Mejia

SGW Design Work, Idaho, United States

YK and his team took care of everything. As a first time user of freelancer, they were patient and answered all my questions. Recommend it to anyone looking to build a
website or upgrade.

Aryan Abadeh

Health Pro Advisors, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

By far the best group of people I have worked with on freelancer. Although I ended up changing a lot of the requirements that I initially had in mind for this project they were nothing but patient with me. They are a group of professional, dedicated, and capable developers who not only fulfilled the requirements of my project but went above and beyond what they were asked of to help me complete this project. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a professional group of developers to work with.

Ryan Gestro

Meter Reading, Melbourne, Australia

LEADconcept are fantastic to deal with. Easy to communicate with, responsive and very comfortable helping a novice develop their ideas. The finished product is terrific and we are very happy. We are already in discussion for our next application.

Jonathan Grajales

Versi LLC, Oregon, USA

Excellent!!! 5 stars all around!! LEADconcept is an amazing company and I really recommend them.!

Bob Green


Good communication and quick response. Easy to understand. Knowledgeable, and project on schedule.

Donna Forex

DLC Trading Ltd, Worcester, United Kingdom

This turned out to be a more difficult job than planned due to previous programmers work on my site. LEADconcept went above my expectations to resolve my database issues within agreed fixed price despite these difficulties. The job was completed perfectly and the result exactly what i needed. Excellent communication all along, will use them again.

Wayne B. Hodges

World Incentives, Inc., Boston, United States

As we began this project and progressed past the first Milestone, I have very much appreciated the company's amazing technical skill, expertise, efficiency and YK (and Qaiser's) CAN-DO attitude. They have made what seemed 'the impossible", not only do-able but also met every deadline and expectation. Even when the project scope began to creep as we both more clearly understood the customer's needs and requirements, they still found a way to keep their cool, and get the project completed on time and on budget, And did i mention, their english speaking skills are excellent! I have worked with a dozen or more providers in my 10 year experience at my company but have never been so pleased with the quality of work and attitude to achieve. I'm glad we found LEADconcept, and now they will be the first providers we turn to in the future for every project. THANK YOU YK, and mostly THANK YOU Qaiser for your excellent work and willingness to hang in there and get the project finished..

Troy Miller

Chicago Education Press, LLC., Chicago, USA

LEADconcept completed the job as described in a timely fashion. Communication was excellent via Skype and voice. I will be using their services again

Andrew Colsky

Esq. - Inventor Help Center, Colorado, USA

This company is excellent. It is very hard to build a fully functioning website and takes a lot of back and forth. They have worked with me every step of the way with no problems. I highly recommend them. I have had nothing but timely and professional conversations with this company. They understood my needs and worked with me to develop a concept that I am comfortable with. Very easy to work with and they are fast. I have had no problems with their service. They do a nice job and fix any issues I have without a problem. I continue to be very pleased with this company. They are easy to work with, fast in their work and do a very nice job. I plan to keep a continuing working relationship with them.

Brent Rice

Wendelstedt Umpires School, Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

LEADconcept has been nothing but professional and timely. They have corrected errors cause by another developer, many of which were not even known until they began work. Very pleased and would highly recommend. Continue to be pleased with the effort, work, and professionalism of LEADconcept. Very happy and would recommend. Very informative when answering questions and explaining processes. Very happy with the work and the help.

Drew Lynch

Tampa, Florida, USA

This team was responsive and worked well with me along the way.

Nemo Grant

TechOne Group LLC, USA

The LEADconcept team had: Strong communication skills. Work was delivery quickly as expected. Very responsive to changes we requested. Quality of work was excellent. I have listed them as one of our favorite teams to work with, and we look forward to hiring them again.

Michael Coker


This was my first time using guru, and I'm happy I was able to meet YK and his team at LEADconcept. They did an excellent job and were able to develop exactly what I wanted...and even give me ideas when I was at a crossroad. I will look forward to working with them again. LEADconcept has been very helpful helping me navigate the app development world and has helped with ideas in this project. I was impressed yet again by LEADconcept and their team with this update. The work they did was completed faster than I thought it would and it looked great. I'm looking forward to continuing this relationship.

Alek Karpovs

Headache Barometer, Indiana, USA

The LEADconcept Team has successfully completed my DIFFICULT & CHALLENGING App project. The app had been started by another developer that had not been able to complete the project. LC spent many hours understanding the other developer's code. They were also very patient with numerous changes in requirements as the app testing progressed. I will certainly ask LEADconcept to quote on my next projects.

Victor Mungai

Kenya Soko LLC., USA

LEADconcept has provided us with excellent service, i'm going to brake it down to 2 topics, Skill & Customer service. #1 skill, LEADconcept had no trouble developing databases, modifying design & integrating a foreign payment system using the api. This was very impressive because anything we thought of they can program, at this point there isn't anything they cant do. The best thing about it is the turn around is really fast on things we thought might take months . #2 Customer service, in this field they are the best freelancers i have ever worked with, daily skype conversations, professionalism and no language barrier at all. Since we are in the USA we thought maybe the language was going to be an issue, it is not, we will be developing our school website, mobile app and a few more websites with LEADconcept, i really don't need any other team. very grateful to have met such a hard working team with this skill level.

Joy Brealey

The Picture Gallery, UK

I found LEADconcept to be very professional and very patient. My project was very complicated and they handled it very well. They were very quick to respond to my messages/requests and questions and were very polite, understanding and helpful. I would use them again if the need arises in the future as I feel I know them now after all our communication, and I know that I will end up with what I had visualized. I am very pleased with the whole project as my vision is now becoming a reality. Thank you to all the team that made this possible especially Mohammad for his patience and understanding.

Michael Murdoch

Chat Media PTY limited, Australia

It was a pleasure to work with LEADconcept - they completed a pretty complex job with lots of refinements and design adjustments undertaken without any complaints, only enthusiasm and efficiency - I experienced first class service from YK and the team - I would recommend them anytime. Many thanks LEADconcept.

Catherine Dixon

Ph.D. CottonBlossomFarm, US

Very easy to work with. Completed project just as requested. Will definitely use LEADconcept again

Brian Schwartz

Dedicated Media, New York, USA

YK & his team are TOP NOTCH 1st Rate Pros! They treat you like you're their only client. I would give them 6 stars if I could because they truly deserve it. I'll be back for more
high quality work.

Aaron Dunn

THE SMMSF Academy – Melbourne, Australia

I found YK and his team fantastic to work with. Looking forward to doing more work with them in the future

Scott Reynolds

Assured Linc, CA, US

LEADconcept's team was able to take my very complex project and turn it into a working application. Their skills across iOS, PHP, AWS S3, and DynamoDB brought us to
launch on budget.

Geir Bangstad

BBall.com, Norway

We are using the services of LEADconcept as a general and complete delivery connected to our site of BBall. In addition to other connected portals and services. This include; webapplications, .Net platform, Android and iOs apps, MSSQL, HTML5 and PHP. We are developing new services and products and we find the whole team focused and goal oriented. We are very happy to create futuristic solutions and technology for the coming generation together with the team at LEADconcept. We have also had the pleasure to do live seminars with the team leaders and we feel we have developed a healthy, respectful and very fruitful dialogue and communications with all parties. We will continue to work together with YK and the team and we will strongly recommend you to do
the same.

Elize Shirdel

DateNight, Canada

YK and team were great. They designed a great UI for me. They were quick, came up with great designs, were super responsive to feedback. They know what they"re doing — and it made my job easy. I just left it in their hands and I am extremely happy with the result. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Robert Szewczyk

LoveYourCancer, Phoenix, Arizona, US

Awesome work and great communication. YK is ALWAYS working and if you can"t catch him on Skype, FB or other social media he will answer your email the same day.Sometimes I wish his team could test functionality before they send out proposed project, but after correct recommendation they will finalize everything the same day! they are really good team and I will always consider them for my future projects.

Keith Gilbert

VoiceGarden LLC, CA, USA

Overall, working with LEADconcept was a great experience. YK and his team are extremely professional, friendly, and dedicated. They took on my huge project (which a previous company had failed at) and completed it to my satisfaction. If this team could improve one thing, however, it would be testing/quality assurance. To be honest, I was frustrated at some points throughout the project because of the large number of bugs that could have been easily avoided by thorough simple testing prior to sending the build to me. However, the company is very attentive to its clients' needs, so I am sure that, based on my feedback, they will improve this area of their services. They were extremely dedicated to my project even when I had high standards and maintained regular communication with me via email and IM. They always worked with me until the site worked as I wanted it to. I believe that I got excellent value for the services that I paid for, and I would definitely recommend this company..

Jennie Stewart

Custom Everything Inc./CustomMousePad.com, Anchorage, USA

Very happy and impressed and look forward to our next project with this developer!

Wendy Locklin

E Fancy Invites, United States

Excellent !! I will continue to use them for all my projects. Great company
to work with!!!!!!!

Juraj GabÃ"Ã

ÃƒÂ­k, FYS, Slovakia

Perfect work, perfect team, perfect communication – I strongly recommended this company LEADconcept.

Aaron Hammond

Smokenmist, USA

Great job guys. YK was a great leader and Muhammad did a fantastic job of meeting all of the job requirements and getting my dev site perfected and then porting over to my live site

John Cobb

CobbFilms, Veracruz, Mexico

The thing I loved most about LEADconcept was YK's responsiveness. He took the time to sit down with me and ask questions to make sure he understood what I was needing to have built. His team members also had the same level of dedication to my project. LEADconcept's commitment to customer service is superior. LEADconcept finish my job ahead of what I anticipated. I am very satisfied with the work

Adam Hert, Knackd Inc

Vancouver BC, BC – British Columbia, Canada

Communication from this freelancer could not be any better! Answers E-mails almost immediately and is constantly available on Skype. The work was on time, on budget and exactly as I described. Would recommend to anyone!

Marc Trowers

Manager Pro, New York, USA

Working with LEADconcept has been a great pleasure. Their services have been very professional and the work that's been done was always on time and efficient. I've had only positive experience working with the team and the service received is excellent. I would highly recommend them for any major project. If I was to To some up this company in one word it would be "Integrity" doing what they say they will do. – Marc Trowers

Tillman Zschucke

Angel Telecom, Hamburg, Germany

Fantastic responsiveness! This worker is available nearly 24/7 and communicates very well. The project was delivered in time and I can definitely recommend them!

Gus Kangadis

BlockBusterPrint Lincolnwood, USA

I have been designing for 13 years and these guys are the BEST i have ever hired in all my years as a web designer. You guys HAVE to try them out. The most professional service i have ever had. I will put my name behind their work. The best!!!!!!!

Nigel Milevoj

Labin, Istra, Croatia

I had very "tough" job that involved complete redesign of my phpbb3 structure, but LEADconcept delivered! I'm very happy with their work on my board, and with their support, communication is on high level, if you have any problems and questions you can always ask them and they will promptly respond and try to help, a real pleasure to work with team! will def. work with them on any future projects!

Brandon Guess

B4thewedding, Chicago, US

One of the best Companies on Elance. Professional, responsive, friendly. Oh, and they make great products. 5 Stars all the way!

Mert Yildiz

TrendSale, Moscow Russia

I have worked with a large number of freelancers in the past and LEADconcept is the BEST I have worked with so far. LEADconcept took on a half completed project and built on other developers' work (never an easy task) and they did an excellent job. The project was completed on time and exactly the way I wanted it to look and feel. This was a rather complex project given the nature of designs that had to be implemented while at the same time not breaking any other part of the code. It was to be implemented on a number of platforms. LEADconcept did a great job. They were on time, responsive and professional. They took initiative when they needed to and warned me about certain aspects of the project I had missed. I will happily work with them again and would recommend them to others.

Ofer Shmucher

Shmucher Law, PL, Miami, FL, US

I couldn't be any happier with the work and support provided to me by this elance company LEADconcept. Absolutely OUTSTANDING workmanship and communication. Daily updates, easy to get a hold of. Will use again. Absolutely A+++

Stephan Telser


Great Freelancer super fast, professional, very variable, a joy to work with LEADconcept.

Chris Ehrlich

KissCommerce.com Inc. CA, US

YK and his team at LEADconcept delivered on everything promised. I highly recommend LEADconcept to anyone looking for high end developers. We look forward to continuing to work with them!

Marc Thalheim

Boca Raton, United States

Did a great job listening to feedback and bearing with us during the whole process. I highly recommend LEADconcept as they live up to their word and are great at handling
client requests!

Christopher Cocran

Lovexports, United States

YK and his team work hard to make sure they understand the project, and diligently focus on getting the task done according to the needs of my business! They are great problem solvers and constant communicators, and live up to their upstanding reputation that they
have established.

Aaron Kilback

Lyla Solutions, Canada

Working with LEADconcept was a great experience. They are professional, curtious and responsive to my ever changing demands. I would reccomend them to anyone needing a highly motivated team of experts. Thank you for a job well done!

Ray Willoughby

Willoughby Enterprises Incorporated, Pennsylvania, United States

Looking for a quality developer is paramount to the future success of any web based business. YK and his team at LEADconcept were a breath of fresh air compared to the other developers we came across while seeking a developer to build our site from the ground up. YK and team were always responsive, professional, and most importantly available regardless of the time differences we had. YK and team exceeded our expectations in every category considering we were under time constraints. If you are looking for someone to do quality work in a timely fashion, who will be up front and honest with you from beginning to end, LEADconcept are the ONLY team to hire. They set the standard in terms of customer service and commitment. I wouldn't think of using anyone else, and will continue using his services as we evolve our online business.

Julius Gloeckner

Southern Picture LLC, New York, United States

Starting a new business venture is a challenging undertaking in itself and we are glad YK and his team have been on our side during the website development process. We chose a partnership with an overseas team over a US team due to cost reasons and naturally had concerns based on other people's negative experiences. We talked to many teams around the globe and YK ultimately won our project due to his organized, value added, and responsive communication. We were happy to see that this quality of work continued during the programming phase and we look forward to continue working with him as our project will continue to develop. If I had to point out two qualities that exceeded my expectations, it would be (1) communication and responsiveness and (2) staying committed to the agreed work; both of which I was very concerned about prior to assigning our project to a development team. The fact that YK and our team were able to meet in person in New York later on only confirmed our positive experience with him and his capabilities to operate on US standards

Alex Carlos

Chem-Dry On The Spot, Australia

LEADconcept team work has been fantastic and delivered an awesome final product. Very happy! A special mention to my project manager Abrar Kamboh who very patient!.

Emanuel Celano

Informaticainazienda.it, bologna, Italy.

Very excellent team! My compliment

Anthony Grivet

Sacramento, California, United States

YK and his team are the best i have seen when it comes to outsourcing development work. I have tried some other teams but no one compares to their quality. Thanks again!

Vladimir Bien-Aime

Bien-Aime International LLC, US

LEADconcept did a fantastic job completing all requirements and kept me updated regularly. The team was professional, and had expertise in mobile and web technologies. I would highly
recommend them.

Stuart Brown

Portugal Cork Co Qld, Australia

I can highly recommend YK and his team from LEADconcept for the work they have done in creating a new website for our small business. Updates regularly. Will definitely use again.

Tom Maddrey

Eclipse Institute, Dallas, United States

LEADconcept was great, and YK was a pleasure to work with. Even thought the parameters of the project changed, they were responsive, and willing to work with us to make the project successful. This was our first time working with them, but we will be sure to re-hire them in the future as our needs expand. Thank you, LEADconcept.

Ken Lloyd

Client / Data Management – Bonita Springs, Florida, United States

Project took longer then excepted due to circumstances unrelated to code or worker. But more importantly the effort that was put forth to complete the work to include going above and beyond to satisfy even the smallest details shows that quality can be found on vWorker. I highly recommend these guys!

Luciano Caolo

MyGiftList App, South Africa

I was very content with the quality of work and the response time. The company is focussed and ensured that I was happy with the product. There were no issues when changes were done and all work was beyond my expectation. I will recommend LEADconcept and their team and will definitely make use of their skills and talents again.!

Joe Labbe

RatchetSoft, LLC, NY, USA

Contractor LEADconcept did a fantastic job. Will work with them again in the future..

Burak Dayioglu

Symturk, Ã"°stanbul, Türkiye

It was really a pleasure to work with LEADconcept. These guys do work like a bunch of freelancers but as a real commercial business. Timely responses, quick feedback and always accommodating change requests, I was very pleased with the level of service we got. We were so happy that we even added a little additional service before the initial engagement was over

Dan Kent

Stock Trades, Strathmore Alberta, Canada

Very good to work with LEADconcept. Instant feedback from developers and were very patient with my demands. Highly recommended

Prabin Shahi

Shubabib, Australia

LEADconcept have done a great job. Overall service is good and very good work ethics. I highly recommend

Richard Henry

mix of redditt and digg site, Ohio, USA

This was complex project and they worked with me very well. I will use them
again for sure.

Brian Robinson

Social Surge Media, Inc. USA

My contractor was very generous with his time, putting in extra effort to help keep things moving along.

Liz Crosbie

Managing Director, United Kingdom

Great team and very calm with a total WordPress novice, stayed with us even over changes to technology and delays on our side due to competing client work hence delivery/time issues, good communication when we were talking direct to the developer and whole team able to work well in our time zone.Thanks very much.

Barry Wilhelm

Documentary Clearing House and Associates LLC., Florida, USA

Without a doubt, LEADconcept has been the most responsive and professional coding team I've worked with to date. In fact, I've worked with many and feel my experience with YK and this team completely joyful. They are easy to contact, patient, and thoughtful to my needs. At no time have I felt rushed and when questions arise, LEADconcept team has been fast to answer. The have gone above and beyond the call of duty when I'm faced with a deadline. Combine all this with fantastic pricing makes LEADconcept my choice coding team.

Allan Chang

California, USA

It was a good experience working with YK and his team. As an entrepreneur doing a bootstrap startup in e-commerce for the first time, I learned a lot from working with the team of Lead Design and greatly appreciated the professionalism by which they conducted their business. The team was extremely responsive and worked extremely hard to meet all of the requirements of the project. The finished product is very professional and nice."

Arvin Vohra

Education4sale.com, MD, USA

We have used several programming teams, including top ranked U.S. based programming teams. LEADconcept is the best. First, they are incredibly responsive. They give daily reports, and follow up on any question quickly. Secondly, we were communicated directly with the head of the programming team throughout the project, not through another intermediary. Finally, they work very quickly. They started and finished a complex project that included a complex payment system while we were waiting for another programming team to finish a less complex project. Their work is fast and excellent, they are flexible and responsive, and we will be using them for all future projects (in fact, we are currently using them for a new project).


V.K.P, Valley King Properties, USA

We have been working with LEADconcept for over 2 years on a very large and complex project. Babar & team have been an absolute joy to deal with, offering the most exemplary service and extreme patience with us although starting out we were not tech savvy to say the least. Prior to connecting with LEADconcept we had worked with 2 other US based companies and had very disappointing results. We were a little concerned about outsourcing to another country, but were so impressed with YK that we decided to give it a shot. LEADconcept has definitely not only come through, but gone far above & beyond for us…They have very reasonable pricing and 100% stuck to their original bid although I believe the project was much more work than any of us expected. They are very available even though there is a 12 hour time difference and any time we have issues they are always taken care of right away. I would give the highest recommendation to anyone to use LEADconcept for your software needs no matter how large or complex, they are truly brilliant….It's kind of silly, but any time someone asks me if it is possible to do something new with our application I always say "that with LEADconcept anything is possible," and I truly believe that.

Ahsan A. Awan

Chief Executive Officer, American Presswire, Sacramento, CA, US

Global CINRG has been working with LEADconcept and its people for well over a year on several high level application development, network assessment, design consulting, infrastructure expansion, and deployment programs. Because our customers represent some of the world's largest publicly traded companies, and strict government and regulatory rules and procedures define how we must operate, our strategic partners have to be able to do what we need very well. LEADconcept has consistently provided exceptional service and support. Consistency over time is by the far the truest measure of reliable capability- an absolutely necessary component for sustainable competitive advantage. LEADconcept has given Global CINRG that advantage.

Natalie Tooley

Critical Control, Alberta, Canada

I would recommend the LEADconcept team if you are looking for offshore development. We had a multi-phase web design project that needed to be completed in a short timeframe. The LEADconcept team communicated with me effectively and responded to all of my requests in a timely manner, which resulted in all phases of the project being completed on time.

David Kim

CloudITOps, LLC, Seattle, WA, USA

Great to work with. Very prompt and reliable. Will definitely be working with LEADconcept

Henry Tenby

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

YK and his design team did a fantastic job in the site re-design for our Imaginairie.com stock photo sales website. We are extremely happy with the clean and professional design. The LEADconcept designer worked very closely with our programmer providing all their design information in the formats we required. Communication was fast and professional. We will be using LEADconcept for our future design needs and would strongly recommend their service. A+++ service from LEADconcept. Thank you to YK and his excellent team.

Sean Emel

Owner, eCommerce Website Development, Clovis, California,

Wonderful company to do business with! I am in the process of having my website recreated by them and this was the initial 50% payment. They are extremely quick to respond to all emails, they work very closely with me to make any revisions, and have a very creative design team that really knows how to work with a customer to bring them what they are expecting. I will most definitely do business with LEADconcept in the future and I would highly recommend them for software or web design.

Wayne Katelnikoff

Alberta, Canada

Very responsive to all communication anSascha KuehnRicardo Mejiad willing to take on a challenging assignment with very short timelines. The team at LEADconcept is very supportive and always available when needed. They respond very quickly to all requests and communications. The team was able to successfully complete the project on a very short timeline working from limited specifications – great job team!

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