LEADconcept special services offers database development services, which will assist your business in maximizing your potential. We specialize in developing fast, efficient, easy to use database application. Our database development staff utilizes the most current technology to provide our clients with database applications that work.

Database design and development is a key part of a successful ecommerce business. LEADconcept offers extensive database development services from traditional Microsoft SQL with ASP.Net pages, to Microsoft Access with ASP pages, to the open source MYSQL database and postgres with PHP software pages.


MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database known for its flexibility and scalability. It stores data in a JSON-like format, making it ideal for handling unstructured or semi-structured data. Its horizontal scaling capabilities and robust query language make it a go-to choice for businesses seeking efficient data management, especially in applications dealing with large volumes of data or real-time analytics.


With its flexible data model and automatic scaling, DynamoDB simplifies database management and is well-suited for various use cases, including content management systems, user profiles, catalogs, and session management. It offers seamless scalability, fast performance, and reliable data storage

MySQL Microsoft

It's renowned for its efficiency and scalability, serving as a reliable choice for many organizations. It favored for its speed, versatility, and compatibility across various platforms. Its widespread use makes it a crucial tool in the world of data management and storage.

SQL Server

It's renowned for its robustness, scalability, and comprehensive features, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes. SQL Server enables efficient data storage, retrieval, and management, while offering strong security features to protect valuable information.

Postgre SQL

PostgreSQL is highly regarded for its data integrity, transaction support, and compliance with SQL standards. It is a preferred choice for applications demanding reliability and scalability, making it a top pick for a wide array of businesses and industries.

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