Multi-tier applications brought several new trends to the software development process. Everyone is now shifting their thinking from good, proven, "old-fashioned" object-oriented design to new component-based design. Component-based design brought a new angle - they (components) should be written based on a particular component standard (COM, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, Cobra, etc.) and should be pluggable by a tool and/or application. Components not only encapsulate a unit of functionality (like a class in object-oriented design), but also have a discoverable structure/interface used by other components, applications, development tools or component servers.

    The benefits of object-oriented design and component-based software development:

  • Reusing software saves money in the development phase of software projects, i.e., the more components you reuse, the less effort you put in development.

  • The more often a component is used in an application, the more valuable it becomes.

  • Reusable components enable application developers to customize applications without high costs and long development cycles.

  • Additionally, the widespread adoption of reused software components fosters a collaborative community, leading to timely identifications.

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