Gogo Wallet Developed in VB6, C#, Web Services

GoGo Wallet is a Desktop Application which will help GoGo Clients to maintain their Card Numbers on their Local Computers.
All the clients can revalidate stored numbers any time. This will provide them ease when they will access GoGo Enabled Site

When user starts GoGo Wallet Application, Splash Screen will Shows first for five seconds.

After Splash Screen, this screen will provide the user with two Options

Would he like to Add New Number?
Would he like to View, Validate and Edit any Existing Number?

After selecting Add New Number

Option, User will press Next Button. User has to Enter Valid 16 Digit GoGo Card Number on this screen.

After Entering 16 Digit Number

when user presses Next, it will Check whether it is 16 Digit Number, otherwise it will show an Error like this.

After Pressing Next Button

It will start validating the Entered Number.

First it will check whether Number

Is already saved in Local Data Base. If yes then it will give message.

The unavailability of the number

in Local Data Base will lead to GoGo server for further checking. If Number is validated,
it will give Successful Message and when User Click Finish it will Save this Number in Local Database. this will
lead to the "Option Window"

This screen will be displayed when user clicks

finish or when application starts.
If user Chooses 2nd Option for View and Click Next

Screen will show All GoGo Card

Numbers which have already been added through Add New option in local Database.

When User hits the Remove Button

Application will ask whether you really want to delete, If user does'nt want to remove, the list will remain the same as before, if User Selects Yes, it will remove
from list and will keep in Database until user hits Finished. After Pressing Finish, it will remove from the local Database and user will be on Option Window.

If User presses Next Button after selecting

any Number, This screen will appear. User can review its Number here. After pressing Next Button it, will start

After Pressing Next Button Application

Starts Validating from GoGo Server whether card Number still have Balance or Not Expired Yet.

If Card Number has Balance and yet not expired

then Successful message will appear. When user press Finish Button it will only Change Modification
date for that number only.

If card has no balance or card has expired then

"Card Number Expired" message will appear. When user Presses Finished after this message,
Application will remove this number from local Database and Control will go to Option screen.

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